Serum PIGM 400

Thanks to its 6 concentrated active ingredients, Biologique Recherche (BR) Sérum PIGM 400 brightens the skin. 

  • This face care acts on 4 stages of melanogenesis and melanosome regulation (controls size, number, maturation and migration). 
  • Double control of the lipofuscin accumulation that causes dark spots. Protection against free radicals that slows the aging of the skin. 
  • A dual-action thanks to a combination of lightning and protective active ingredients. 
  • An effective treatment that is gentle on the epidermis. A formula boosted with brightening active ingredients, twice as concentrated as the cream, and enhanced efficiency in inhibiting melanin synthesis. 
  • Using a combination of Crème PIGM 400 and Sérum PIGM 400 visibly brightens dark spots and gives a better complexion. 
  • The pump bottle allows for better conservation of the formula and a more precise dosage for easy application.

It is recommended for discolored and dull Skin Instants.